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(Abyssal realm)
Ruler Zevgavizeb
Ecology Multiple
Denizens Dinosaurs, bat-like monsters, sea monsters, fiendish troglodytes
Description Monster-haunted, dank and filthy caverns

Gluttondark is the name of the Abyssal realm of the demon lord Zevgavizeb: it is a hollow world of multiple horror-filled caverns joined by underground rivers and chasms. At its heart is the largest of these caverns where Zevgavizeb, himself, resides on a floating jungle moon, feasting and sleeping. He generally has little interest beyond sating his hunger and poses little threat to anything outside his realm.

Other caverns of Gluttondark can be planet-sized, containing an array of ecologies such as jungles, mountains, swamps and seas. These areas attach to the walls of the spheroid caverns, as gravity works differently from normal in the realm: gravity pulls down to the inner surface of the caverns, meaning that a sea could be perched "above" a jungle, seemingly in its "sky". At the heart of each cavern is a pseudo-sun that brightens and dims to simulate a normal day and night cycle. Fiendish troglodytes rule countries in the caverns while dinosaurs, weird chiropterans and sea monsters roam the realm.[1]