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Titles Jarl
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Frost giant
Class Ranger 12 / Marshal 8
Gender Male
Homeland Bos-Phargrumm, Realm of the Mammoth Lords
Deity Thremyr

Source: Mythic Realms, pg(s). 52-53

Jarl Gnargorak, the self-proclaimed king of all frost giants, rules from Bos-Phargrumm, an ice castle perched high among the peaks of the Tusk Mountains northwest of the Ginji Mesa. It is said that he took the title after he slew a silver dragon alone and then mounted the dragon's horns on his staff and used its hide for the grip of his legendary sword's hilt. A harem of cloud giants serve as his personal guard and advisors when he stays in Bos-Phargrumm. Jarl Gnargorak commands legions of frost giant warriors and he leads incursions against the Kellid tribes of the Realm of the Mammoth Lords.[1] His forces are also enemies of the Icerender tribe of white-scaled kobolds resident in the Tusk Mountains.[2]

Three of Gnargorak's most trusted vassal jarls are Karthugra, who rides a white dragon into battle; Fronav, a female sorcerer who is known to wield a Staff of the magi; and Thimroth who leads a group of giant polar bears.[3]