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Graidmere Swamp

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Graidmere Swamp lies to the north-east of Lake Prophyria, in the far north-eastern Ustalavic county of Sinaria. It is a large swamp covering nearly 400 square miles.[1]


The Graidmere Swamp is a rank, mosquito-infested place of strange magic, gnarled trees, monuments entwined in vines, and the outcast and solitary among intelligent creatures. It is a constant of strangeness for the people of Karcau and its surrounding county, and thus shunned by most in the surrounding civilized regions.[2]


It is home to a variety of misfits and swamp creatures:[2]

Places of interest

In the heart of the Graidmere is an area of ground called Baallalota, where daughters of the swamp dance on the night of the vernal equinox.[2]