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Titles Baron
Gender Male
Homeland Sargava
Born 4577 AR
Died 4662 AR (age 85)

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 166

Baron Grallus was the ruler of the remote Chelish colony of Sargava at the time of the death of Aroden. He was born in 4577 AR to Baroness Elexa of House Davian,[1] and in the subsequent civil war in Cheliax he backed their bid for the throne, funding them using the colony’s treasury.[2]

Unfortunately for him, House Thrune defeated House Davian and gained control of Cheliax. In 4643 AR House Thrune felt sufficiently established to be able to send a Chelish fleet to punish Sargava for supporting its rival.[3]

Baron Grallus turned to the Shackles Pirates for aid. In return for the rest of the Sargavan treasury, they engaged the Chelish fleet and sunk them in Desperation Bay. The Baron agreed to pay them an ongoing stipend for protection from Cheliax, which still continues.[4]

The Baron died in 4662 AR, and was succeeded by Baron Utilinus.[5]

The opulent Grallus Ball was once a feature of the social scene in Eleder, until the worsening financial situation put paid to such extravagances.[6]