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Gravecharge is the name of the central cathedral of Pharasma in the Ustalavic city of Lepidstadt. It is overseen by its head priest, Father Eswayne Cidaimoikis.[1]


Gravecharge is a large, domed structure across whose surface a massive skeletal cavalry force is depicted in relief racing in a spiral reminiscent of Pharasma's holy symbol. This grim facade pays tribute to Baldrumon Vielass and the order of knights he led in battle against the dragon Kulsyther, whose deaths allowed Soividia Ustav to conquer the northern reaches of modern Ustalav.

Within the cathedral, before the pulpit, the remains of Vielass's knights and their steeds are interred in a 20-foot-deep ossuary. Some claim that to this day Vielass's lance remains driven through Kulsyther's jaws within this chamber.[1]