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Rashimos, a half-fiend.
Type Outsider
CR Varies
Environment Any
Adjective Half-fiendish
Images of half-fiends

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 171
This article is about the offspring of a fiend and a mortal. For offspring of a fiend and a nymph, see forlarren. For creatures with a fiendish template, see fiendish creature.

A half-fiend is the direct offspring of an evil outsider and a mortal; children of a half-fiend may be tieflings or seemingly normal mortals.[1][2] However, in 4610 AR, Areelu Vorlesh, the Demon Witch of Undarin, performed the final steps of a ritual that transformed her into a half-succubus (see below) suggesting that birth is not the only way half-fiends are created.[3] Half-fiends can arise from any species, although only those from humanoid species may go on to have tiefling children; the children of those born among other species will typically be either half-fiends themselves or normal members of their kind.[4]

Half-fiends should not be confused with fiendish creatures, which are native to the lower planes but otherwise similar to their mortal counterparts.[4]

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There are many types of half-fiend dependent on the progenitor fiend. Nevertheless, some categorization may be made and one family of half-fiends is the half-demon. Within this family, further types may be categorized, such as the half-succubus.[5]