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Haliad I

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Haliad I
Aliases Mad Prince
Titles Prince
Race/Species Human (Chelaxian)
Gender Male
Homeland Cheliax

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 36

Prince Haliad I was a Chelish monarch of the 42nd century AR, who despite his complicated history is still remembered in Cheliax today.[1][2]


He led an unsuccessful siege on Absalom in 4137 AR, but had more success in Garund the same year when he conquered Khari and gave Cheliax control over both sides of the Arch of Aroden for the first time. This conquest gave Cheliax naval dominance in their part of the Inner Sea region that has continued to the present.[3] Haliad continued his territorial expansion in Garund the following year and founded a new colony.[1][4][5] Haliad visited the newly established colony in 4142 AR but misunderstood the name the colonists had given it, and instead named it Sargava after his favorite horse.[6][5]


A prominent statue of Haliad I surrounded by a colossal fountain stands in Egorian's Sargavan Plaza,[2] and the district of New Haliad in the Sargavan capital of Eleder is named after him.[7]