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| image    = [[File:Hero Point Deck.jpg|250px|Hero Point Deck]]{{Placeholder}}
| image    = [[File:Hero Point Deck.png|250px|Hero Point Deck]]{{Placeholder}}
| website  = https://paizo.com/products/btq024ut
| website  = https://paizo.com/products/btq024ut
| title    = Pathfinder Hero Point Deck
| title    = Pathfinder Hero Point Deck

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Pathfinder Hero Point Deck
Hero Point DeckTemporary artwork
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price Print $14.99
Expected February 24, 2021
Type Cards
Deck size 110
ISBN ISBN 978-1-64078-306-5
Rules set PF2
Series Pathfinder Accessories
Follows Magic Armaments Deck
Precedes Potions and Talismans Deck
Artwork from Hero Point Deck

Hero Point Deck, a Pathfinder Accessories deck for Pathfinder Second Edition, is expected to be released on February 24, 2021.

Hero Points help you shape your character's heroic deeds, and this deck of 52 Hero Point cards gives you brand-new ways to guide your hero's path toward greatness! These beautiful, full-color cards let you easily track your Hero Points at the table, and each card offers a different special benefit when you spend that Hero Point. Every effect is compatible with the Second Edition of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, giving you even more ways to turn your hero into a legend!