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House Arjal

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House Arjal
Type Royal family
Headquarters Antoll, Iobaria
Scope National

Source: The Varnhold Vanishing, pg(s). 61

House Arjal was the ruling house of New Iobaria. Descended from one of the three warlords who in 3212 AR lead the Restoration War to rescue the realm of Iobaria from foreign powers, House Arjal would eventually betray its ally House Narkys to the dragons of Iobaria's mountains to gain the dragons' allegiance. Later, House Arjal would enter into a feud with house House Korya, which resulted in House Korya and its allies fleeing west into the lands that would one day become Brevoy.[1]

After the collapse of New Iobaria, House Rhukov of Mirnbay has become the last remaining faction of the once-great House Arjal.[2]