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Nation Irrisen
Region Wintercrux
Size Small town
Population 900
Ruler Baroness Iracetta

Source: Irrisen, Land of Eternal Winter, pg(s). 39-40

Iarna is a small town on the Marbleflow River in the Irriseni province of Wintercrux. The town is a popular destination for Jadwiga and rich foreigner merchants because of its famous hot springs. There are three resorts catering the aristocracy as well as expensive restaurants and two grand theaters.[1]

The hot springs began bubbling up some 200 years ago and are thought to have magical and medicinal powers although nothing has been proven. Hundreds of aging or sick Jadwiga bathe in the hot springs every year. The truth is that a trapped insane magma elemental heat Iarna's springs. The elemental was summoned by druids of the Heralds of Summer's Return 200 years ago but captured and bound by Iarna's baroness at the time. The ruler of Iarna, Baroness Iracetta knows the truth but prefers not to damage the town's businesses. The aging Iracetta is a strong advertiser of the springs' therapeutic qualities.[1]