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Id mutant

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Id mutant
Gelviel Zorriah after his transformation into an id mutant.
Type Humanoid
CR As creature +1
Environment Any
Adjective Id mutant
Images of id mutants

Source: Doom Comes to Dustpawn, pg(s). 29
See also: Category:Id mutant/Inhabitants

An id mutant is a creature warped by magic amplifying a person's primal instincts in ways that transform that person's mind and body into a base, animalistic form.[1]

Id mutants can be created through a bestial curse generated by dream crystals that have been polluted by a vespergaunt's wishcraft. After experiencing restless dreams, headaches, and a quickened temper from exposure to refined dream crystal toxin, victims who receive a sufficient dose of the toxin or experience a stressful triggering event might transform into an id mutant.[1]

Large doses of dream crystal toxin can also cause victims to rapidly increase in size when transforming.[2]


Some id mutations can be at least partially resisted by victims with especially strong wills.[3]

Most id mutations can be reversed within 10 days by sufficiently powerful spells capable of dispelling enchantments or breaking curses. After that point, only the most powerful magical forces, including resurrection magic, can reverse the curse.[1]