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A marut inevitable
Type Outsider
(extraplanar, inevitable, lawful)
CR Varies
Environment Any (usually)
Images of inevitables

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 161

Inevitables are a race of living machines created by the axiomites in the eternal war against the proteans and the forces of chaos. The five best-known species of inevitables are the arbiters, the kolyaruts, lhaksharuns, the maruts, and the zelekhuts.[1]

Once soldiers in a massive plane-spanning war between law and chaos, made to oppose the proteans who threatened to dissolve everything into primal chaos, now inevitables concentrate on the defense of the planes of law. This includes the proxy war on the Material Plane, where they are encountered tracking down many who betray the forces of law or threaten the ordered nature of the multiverse.[1]

Inevitables have no gender and little sense of self. They are almost always encountered singly except when gathered into an force by the commands of their creators. When operating alone, they attempt to correct mortals' chaotic ways, using geas and mark of justice to force them to make amends. In extreme cases, they will use force up to summary execution if necessary.[1]

Most inevitables appear humanoid but made of stone, metals, and jewels. They are forged by axiomites and look like moving works of art.[1]


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