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A marut inevitable
Type Outsider
(extraplanar, inevitable, lawful)
CR Varies
Environment Any (usually)
Images of inevitables

Source: Bestiary 2, pg(s). 161

Inevitables are a race of living machines created by axiomites in the eternal war against proteans and the forces of chaos. The five best-known species of inevitables are the arbiters, kolyaruts, lhaksharuts, maruts, and zelekhuts.[1]


Most inevitables resemble humanoid made of stone, metals, and jewels. They are forged by axiomites and often look like moving works of art.[1]


In aeons past during Axis' expansion, its inhabitants entered into agreements with Heaven and Hell that solidified its multiversal neutrality between the two moral extremes. Immediately opposing this were two keketar proteans and a third, unknown albino type of protean, who called Axis an "infection" and demanded that it cease to exist.[2]

Although Axis prepared for war, the cataclysm that happened in its stead devastated the city. Planar rifts hued blue like the Maelstrom's depths rent Axis' walls and spilled hordes of demons into the city of cities, causing widespread destruction. In response Axis devoted some of its axiomites to crafting a defensive force, which led to the first inevitables.[2]


Inevitables are forged in the Adamantine Crucible of Axis[3] from some of its petitioners, who gain entry by solving the riddles inscribed on their bodies.[4][5]

Habitat and society

Inevitables have no gender and little sense of self. They are almost always encountered singly on the Material Plane except when gathered into an force by the commands of their creators. When operating alone, they attempt to correct mortals' chaotic ways and use various methods to push them into make amends. In extreme cases, inevitables back this up with force—even lethal force.[1]

Legions of inevitables regularly battle against the Maelstrom in an eternal attempt to bring order to the chaotic realm.[6]


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