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James L. Sutter
James L. Sutter
Born March 1,1984
Hometown Seattle, WA
Position Editor

James Lafond Sutter was born March 1, 1984. A writer and musician, he edits Pathfinder and Planet Stories during the day and plays bass and sings in the hardcore metal band Shadow at Morning at night. He is the author of over a hundred journalistic articles, a dozen-plus short stories, and a sizable chunk of RPG products. He currently lives in a crooked house in Seattle with seven roommates and is Paizo's resident hippie bohemian whippersnapper, providing endless amusement for the rest of the editorial pit. For a complete list of his musical, literary, or gaming projects, please visit his (somewhat current) website at or his band at

Pathfinder credits

Title Date Volume (Page)
Belly of the Beast"Belly of the Beast" (Pathfinder's Journal) 0712December 2007 PF5 (74)
Campaign Setting 0808August 2008 CS
End of the Road"End of the Road" (Pathfinder's Journal) 0901January 2009 PF18 (72)
Friend in Need"A Friend in Need" (Pathfinder's Journal) 0807July 2008 PF11 (70)
Hand of the Handless"Hand of the Handless" (Pathfinder's Journal) 0710October 2007 PF3 (72)
Hold of Belkzen"The Hold of Belkzen" 0807July 2008 PF11 (58)
Into the Black"Into the Black" 0810October 2008 PF14 (48)
Keeping the Keep"Keeping the Keep" 0710October 2007 PF3 (54)
Legacy of Fire Player's Guide 0903March 2009 LoFPG
Lizardfolk"Lizardfolk" 0804April 2008 CMR (34)
Of Endings and Beginnings"Of Endings and Beginnings" (Pathfinder's Journal) 0801January 2008 PF6 (70)
Pink Like Me"Pink Like Me" (Pathfinder's Journal) 0808August 2008 PF12 (74)
Seekers of Secrets 0910October 2009 SoS
Seven Swords of Sin 0708August 2007 D2
Varisia"Varisia" 0710October 2007 PF3 (60)
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