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Jistka Imperium

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The Jistka Imperium (pronounced JIHST-kuh)[1] was the first human kingdom to establish itself in the Inner Sea region after the centuries of darkness and devastation caused by Earthfall.[2] Its citizens spoke a nearly forgotten language called Jistka, whose alphabet became the basis of the alphabets of the modern languages of Skald, Varisian, and Taldane.[3]


The Jistka Imperium ruled over north-western Garund from the early years of the Age of Anguish (ca. -4120 AR), through the first 700 years of the Age of Destiny. At is height, in ca. -3500 AR, it dominated all of northern Garund and also parts of Avistan.[4] This is evidenced in the Chelish cities of Westcrown and Corentyn, where some of the deepest and oldest ruins are clearly of Jistkan design.[5][6]

One of the first document sightings of a Spawn of Rovagug, the festering Ulunat, was recorded in -3729 AR. Accounts tell of six of Justka's finest legions being sent to combat "a sky-filling darkness that flies on four hellish wings, vomiting always death". The fate of these legions is unknown, although they certainly did not destroy the monstrosity.[7]

Weakened by raids by desert nomads from ca. -3300 AR onwards, and the lack of a strong trade route, Led to the eventual decline of the Imperium around -2764 AR.[8] The newly-risen kingdoms of Ancient Osirion were simply easier for Jistka's eastern trade partners to reach. Little remains of this truly ancient empire, having been lost to the passing years, the sands of the desert, or by adoption by other cultures.[9]

Modern Day Influence

When Aligois Thels reorganised the Hellknights, he based their ranks and organisation on the legions of Jistka.[10]


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