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Source: Campaign Setting, pg(s). 152-155

Koloran, also known as "Old Koloran" to modern humans, was the name by which an ancient cyclops empire was known in the records of Iblydos, which itself is one of the oldest human civilizations of Casmaron.[1] The empire was founded by exiled cyclopes escaping from brutal Ghol-Gan but did not last long; today, the area that was Koloran is part of Iobaria.[2] The empire was destroyed by the fall of the Starstone in the event known as Earthfall, which also destroyed Azlant, Ninshabur, and Thassilon.[3]

Though based in Casmaron, the cyclopes' realm once influenced areas as far-flung as Garund and Avistan.[4]

The culture of the Casmar seems to be related to Koloran.[5] Relics of the empire include huge amphorae and jade jewellery.[6]

The god Prathos, worshipped in the form of a cyclops by druids of Katrivish in Iobaria, may be a relic of this lost empire.[7]