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Type secret society
Leader Fallen Sword
Goals Prepare for a future war
Members monks and martial artists

Source: Seekers of Secrets, pg(s). 24

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The Kusari-Gama is a secret organization of cells of monk warriors spread across Golarion. The Kusari-Gama are dedicated to perfecting their fighting arts as they prepare for a hidden war yet to come.[1]

Origin and History

In a time long before prophesy was shattered across Golarion, a group of archons called the Sha'u visited the ancient human monastery of Tsu Zau Na. They explained to the monks that the world's survival would one day turn on their ability to produce an army of perfect warriors. But the Tsu Zau Na would have many generations to prepare their army, and the Sha'u taught the monks the eight Signs of Ending so they would recognize the coming battle as it drew near. In response, the members of the Tsu Zau Na dispersed, each member seeking to plant the seeds to build the perfect army. A thousand years later, their diverse visions have evolved into the Kusari-Gama, a federation of hidden clans, each secretly training for war - a war they know little about except the signs of its beginning.[1]


The current Tsu Zau Na monks are the present-day inheritors of the original monastery visited by the Sha'u. Each guides a separate clan of the Kusari-Gama. Although he is rarely seen in person, the Tsu Zau Na itself has an unquestioned leader: Grand Master Fallen Sword, the Empty-Handed Shogun who resides in the Jade Pagoda of the Tsu Zau Na. Those that the grand master deems perfect are placed into an ageless stasis so that they will be ready to emerge along with their perfect brothers and sisters when the eight Sign of Ending at last manifests - the highest honor of the Kusari-Gama.[1]