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A monk wielding a kusarigama.
For another meaning of "Kusarigama", please see Kusari-Gama.

The kusarigama (or sickle and chain as it is sometimes known)[1] is a melee weapon composed of a kama or sickle connected to a chain at least 10 feet in length, with a weighted, metal ball at the other end. Held in two hands, the kama can be used to make jab or trip attacks, while the weighted chain is whirled at high speed to entangle the opponent's weapon or limbs, or just to smash into the target. The average kusarigama made for a human-sized opponent weighs 3 pounds.[2][3]

Magical kusarigamas

A well-known magical kusarigama found primarily on the continent of Tian Xia is the Dancing Wasp, which makes a high-pitched whistling sound when wielded and can summon giant wasps.[4]