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Lake Pensaris lies at the eastern end of Meratt County with the village of Pensaris sitting near its southern tip.[1] The lake is 12 miles long and at its widest point is almost 2 miles across but step stone banks keep much of the eastern shore inaccessible. The lake is well stocked with many species of fish[2] and it is often used as a source of food for the poorer members of the local population. Anyone looking to fish the lake needs to obtain permission from Baron Okerra but he is known to be very generous and grants his permission to anyone apart from those looking to set up an industrial-scale fishing operations.[1]


Lake Pensaris is known to have two main inhabitants, the most approachable is a halfling hermit called Jeke who once lived in Pensaris. He now resides in makeshift home atop a beaver dam at the northern end of the lake and is known as "the General's butler". Jeke claims to be able to speak with the lake's most famous resident The General. Local rumours claim the General is a fey beast,[1] but in fact he is simply a monstrously huge catfish that dwells in the depths of the lake amid the decaying wreckage of a nobles' pleasure barge that he sank years ago.[2]