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Lens of Galundari

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Lens of Galundari
(Magic item)
Aura Overwhelming abjuration
Caster Level 22
Type Major artifact
Slot None
Origin Nex

Source: Artifacts & Legends, pg(s). 30

The Lens of Galundari is a mysterious ancient artifact which the Pathfinder Durvin Gest retrieved from Tabsagal in Ninshabur on the continent of Casmaron. Found in the "Chamber of Heaven" within the temple, the Lens was apparently different in nature than other artifacts found nearby, such as the Scepter of Ages and the Apollyon Ring.[1] The purpose and power of the Lens are lost on much of the modern world, but it was presumably so dangerous that Gest traveled to Osibu in the Mwangi Expanse to destroy it by throwing it into the Nemesis Well in 4332 AR.[2][3]

The true nature of the Lens is that is was created by the wizard-king Nex as a more potent version of the lenses that powered his demon ships. In the process of creating the Lens, Nex used guile and false promises—and, according to some scholars, aid from Heaven—to imprison Galundari, a balor lord of immense power, within the artifact. While many believe Galundari to have been lost alongside the Lens that bears his name, some of his servants still work to discover where the Nemesis Well leads and retrieve the Lens in order to free their lord.[4]


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