Lichen leshy

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Lichen leshy
Type Plant
(leshy, shapechanger)
CR 3
Environment Any hills or mountains

Source: Fangs of War, pg(s). 86

Lichen leshys are a species of nomadic, rugged leshys corresponding to lichen.[1]


A lichen leshy's body is composed of lichens. Lichen leshys almost always wear cozy raincoats that help camouflage their form and protect them, but no others, as if it was armour.[1]


Lichen leshys is grown by using spores, aromatic salts and pure rainwater to paint their image on any surface. Once the leshy matures, it peels itself off the surface and spends a day constructing its gear.[1]

Lichen leshys are nomadic, relying on their survival skills to reach harsh, remote places, slowly breaking down rocks into nutrient-rich soil that can sustain plant life. They often carry tiny mementos of their greatest achievements, and it's possible to earn one's ready assistance by listening to its rambling tales of how it found each trophy. A lichen leshy can envelop foes in a lattice of delicate digestive growths, and release a slow-acting acid that dissolves stone and organic material.[1]