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Nation Qadira
Size Small town
Population 1,000
Ruler Sheikh Samraf Al-Hadari

Source: Murder on the Silken Caravan, pg(s). 4

Lopul is a large caravan city in the southern desert of Qadira.


While the city is located relatively near to the Pashman River, it is not close enough to be provided by water from it. Instead, the city is centered around the largest oasis for more than 100 miles, the Pool of Sihbon, which provides Lopul with life amid the unforgiving sands. Most of the city's permanent structures are low, mud-brick houses, but there are just as many, if not more, canvas tents of traveling merchants and caravan masters. The famed Silken Way leads through the city, and is the primary means of travel for those coming from or going to Katheer in the north.[1]


Lopul is ruled by the Sheikh Samraf Al-Hadari, a humble servant to the Padishah Emperor of Kelesh.


The streets of the Lopul are the territory of the various powerful caravan leaders who set forth from or pass through the city. With such a large migrant population, the exact population of the city is uncertain, but at any given time there are approximately 1,000 permanent residents and passers-through in Lopul.[1]