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Lumber Consortium

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Lumber Consortium
Lumber Consortium
Type Commercial
Leader Board of directors
Headquarters Oregent
Goals Profit through sale of lumber
Scope National (Andoran)
Members Lumberjacks, guards, merchants

Source: Guide to Darkmoon Vale, pg(s). 37-40

The Lumber Consortium is a company which has a monopoly on the hardwood and darkwood lumber industry in the country of Andoran. A remnant of the past when Andoran existed as a Chelish holding, the Lumber Consortium has seen its wealth and influence decline with the coming of democracy. Nonetheless, the Lumber Consortium continues to exert great pressure on smaller and weaker regions and communities, particularly in the less developed areas of the nation. The Consortium's major logging operation occurs in and around Darkmoon Vale, and as such, this is where their continued power is most noticeable.[1][2]


The Lumber consortium was founded in the year 1853 AR, to provide a steady supply of lumber to Taldor.[3]

But little is known of the Consortium before Barenddo Novotnian founded the city of Olfden in 4128 AR as the first lumber town in the Darkmoon Vale region. Novotnian lumberjacks provided wood to Oregent, where Barenddo’s business partner, Lord Rene Rakesclaw, owned the necessary sawmills. Lumber was sent off to Augustana. There were many chefs involved in the lumber stew.[4]

Rene’s grandson, Tarris Rakesclaw, bought out Novotnian, headed up a partnership and established a lumber organization focused on efficiency and profits, not employee welfare, in 4139 AR[5]. Rakesclaw’s efforts were very successful and he bought out competitors and vendors and donated generously to the Chelaxian Empire.[4]

In the ensuing three centuries, the Lumber Consortium was unstoppable. Government-run operations were privatized (lobbied for by the Consortium) and absorbed. Privately operated competitors were taken over, be they lumber companies, sawmills or barge operations. The Consortium had a complete monopoly when the Thrice Damned House of Thrune took power in Cheliax.[4]

Not a big fan of anybody holding power but themselves, the Thrune government tried to legislate the Lumber Consortium out of business. Years passed and the Consortium’s power and control decreased. Then Andoran rose up and declared independence from Cheliax and the Consortium’s Board saw a golden opportunity. They supported the new government and came to a mutually agreeable arrangement, though both sides distrust the other, as the Consortium’s management style is in direct opposition to Andoran’s principles of liberty.[4]


The Lumber Consortium is controlled by a board of directors in Oregent, all of whom possess a controlling share of the company. They oversee the operations of the organization, laying out the long-term, large-scale strategies and leaving the day-to-day management to on-site foremen known as gavels. At its height, the Consortium had over a dozen, but currently employs only two gavels. No one rises to power within the Lumber Consortium without making their fortunes on the backs of lumberjacks and at the expense of the forests and native civilians. Though they have never been known for their kind hearts or straight morals, members of the board have become increasingly sadistic and cruel as their power has eroded. Hushed rumors even tie a few of the directors to the mysteriously sinister Aspis Consortium.[2]

The company employs 600 lumberjacks, 400 security guards, 300 millwrights, 200 laborers, 150 clerks, 100 blacksmiths, and 100 other.[6]

Notable Members

Thuldrin Kreed is the gavel in the Darkmoon Vale region, and his sadistic and cruel ways keep the town of Falcon's Hollow subservient to his every hateful whim. As a gavel, Kreed has absolute control over the consortium's presence in Darkmoon Vale, including its employees and hard assets. His only true job is to continue increasing profits for the company every year, something which has become harder year after year. As long as this happens, the board turns its eye from all of his misdeeds. In fact, Kreed has been saved from a hangman's noose on numerous occasions, thanks to the work of the Consortium's well-paid barristers.[2]


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