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Material Plane

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Material Plane
Even if magical gates span planets, they cross only a tiny part of the Material Plane.
Titles The Universe
Sphere Inner Sphere
Alignment None
Denizens Varied mortal life, both mundane and bizarre
Description Endless void very occasionally filled with countless celestial objects
Images of Material Plane

Source: Planar Adventures, pg(s). 93

The Material Plane is the Inner Sphere reality in which the planet of Golarion finds itself, along with its sun and its 10 sister planets. It is an unending universe occasionally harboring life on terrestrial planets or other less-stable celestial bodies.[1]


The Material Plane was created by primordial deities as a complex receptacle and testing ground for souls, as part of a larger process to distribute positive energy between gods and planes of the Outer Sphere. The First World is a predecessor of the Material Plane, created as a first attempt at a Material Plane and then directly overwritten by the plane as it exists today.[2]


The River of Souls, the process by which positive energy is cycled through mortal souls on the Material Plane and back to the Outer Sphere.

The Material Plane is governed by fixed, if magically mutable, laws of physics, such as gravity and a fixed speed of light.[2]

Relationships to other planes

The Material Plane is metaphysically coterminous with the First World and Shadow Plane, existing in slightly unaligned dimensions of the same cosmological space with the Ethereal Plane between them as a bordering transitive plane. The First World is pulled away from the anchoring Material Plane by its relationship to the Positive Energy Plane, while the Shadow Realm is pulled away by the Negative Energy Plane.[2][3]

Creation myths

Genies and elementals state and believe that the Elemental Planes existed before the birth of the Material Plane. Eventually, the Elemental Planes mixed with the Positive Energy Plane, Creation's Forge, and the latter's life-giving energies helped create the Material Plane. Many scholars believe there is some element of truth within this myth regarding the real historical facts.[4]

The material universe

The Material Plane is practically infinite in scale, with galaxies separated by vast voids, each galaxy containing countless stars, many stars anchoring systems of other bodies, and innumerable other phenomena in between. Its diversity, which blends concepts and creations from all other planes across its countless worlds, results in many metaphysical scholars placing the Material Plane at the center of multiversal models.[5]

Golarion's solar system

Even though Golarion has the most diverse lifeforms and cultures of the planets orbiting its sun, it is not alone in the solar system. Other planets include Castrovel, covered in green jungles, and the red planet Akiton with its vanished seas and endless deserts. Magical gates created long ago by lost civilizations are said to connect Golarion to its sister planets.[6]

Other worlds

Millions upon millions of miles away from Golarion, countless other stars with worlds of their own exist on the Material Plane. These include:[7]

Dark Tapestry

The immense void between the stars harbors strange life. This region is known as the Dark Tapestry, and is home to creatures stranger than any found in the Outer Rifts. Luckily for the inhabitants of Golarion, the Dark Tapestry is far enough away that its denizens rarely trouble this world.[11]