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Menthen Jagaro

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Methen Jagaro
Alignment Neutral
Race/Species Human
Class Expert 6]
Gender Male

Source: NPC Guide, pg(s). 9

Hailing from parts unknown, the merchant Menthen Jagaro has spent the last 35 years plying his trade throughout the Inner Sea.

An ambitious youth, Menthen sought to be the greatest merchant in the history of Golarion. Coming from a storied line of merchants, he set off for his destiny at a young age with but a wagon, two pack mules, and a dream. He found nearly immediate success. But his good fortunes weren't without tragedy - a close encounter with a horrific demon left left him traumatized, forced to recognize the shallow and transitory nature of this own life. This realization shattered his youthful dream of mercantile success, and he wandered for months in a hazy search for meaning.

His wanderings took him to the country of Druma, where he encountered the teachings of the Kalistrade. This aesthetic-yet-mercantile philosophy gave Methen succor, and he realized that his life as a merchant wasn't entirely wasted. Filled with a newed since of purpoes, he hurled himself back into the merchant trade, and his singular force of will soon pushed him past his competition. He is now firmly established as one of the most successful merchant lords in Brevoy. He is calculated and cold hearted, filtering all thoughts and deeds through the sieve of financial consequence, caring not a fig for any who might stand in his way. He cares not for good or evil, and consequently the other merchant lords of Brevoy hold him in great esteem, a singular example of the teachings of Kalistrade.

His holdings are protected by the Mercenary League, or the "Blackjackets", the ruthless military of a nation of wealth-hungry traders. Menthen personally retrains a dozen of them as retainers and bodyguards.[1]