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Niona Goldthorpe

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Niona Goldthorpe
Race/Species Dwarf
Class Cleric
Gender Female
Homeland Harse, Varisia
Deity Desna
Companion(s) Matrena Goldthorpe,
Virany Goldthorpe,
Marnay Zyrvana

Source: Rival Guide, pg(s). 36f.

Niona Goldthorpe was full of life and lived in Harse, Varisia until that town was attacked by giants; in that fight she was killed by a hill giant's thrown rock while valiantly protecting Harse. She was married to Virany Goldthorpe and was mother to Matrena Goldthorpe, now a member of the Kodar Kneecappers. She was also the aunt of another Kneecapper: Marnay Zyrvana.[1]