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Old Megus

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Old Megus
Titles the Swamp Witch
Alignment probably evil
Class Witch
Gender Female
Homeland Brinestump Marsh, Varisia
Familiar Skitterfoot, a ratling

Source: The Brinewall Legacy, pg(s). 18

Old Megus the Swamp Witch has been living in Brinestump Marsh for decades since the foundation of Sandpoint. The fearful witch rarely left her home in the swamps to visit Sandpoint for certain supplies like glass flasks, strange alchemical reagents, and books from faraway places like Nex or Irrisen. Strange rat-like creatures have been seen kept hidden in her robes.[1]

Old Megus's Shack sits in a clearing at the southern part of the swamp and a trail called "Witch's Walk" is said that leads from the cliffs in the south directly to the house of the witch.[2]