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Orc double axe

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The half-orc Wrathack wields an orc double axe.

An orc double axe is an orc-developed weapon with axe heads on both ends of a long haft. Orcs wield these devastating weapons with fluid motions more akin to a quarterstaff than a greataxe.[1]

On Golarion

Aside from its use by orcs, the orc double axe is also the favored weapon of the orc pantheon deity Nulgreth,[2] and is featured in his holy symbol.[3]

The half-orc Magnus Boldheart of the Gladiators' Guild in Katapesh wields a vorpal orc double axe dubbed the Stumper, its haft notched for each kill.[4]

While not an orc, the two-headed atamahuta oni specializes in the double axe's use.[5][6]