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Path of Aganhei

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The Path of Aganhei is the primary route bridging Tian Xia and Avistan, crossing the Crown of the World. The path was first charted by the Tian-Min explorer Amatatsu Aganhei, who charted it circa 1300 AR;[1] though his maps were thought destroyed, they resurfaced around 4300 AR, dramatically increasing trade between the two continents.[2] It is invaluable to the flow of trade despite its dangers.[3] Passage across the Path is treacherous, often requiring the aid of skilled guides.[4]

The Path is actually two overlapping trade routes, one connecting the Successor States with the Realm of the Mammoth Lords and the Sellen Passage, the other carrying travelers from Minkai to the Land of the Linnorm Kings.[5] The road begins in Hongal in Tian Xia,[3] crossing the Wall of Heaven Mountains through the Altan Zuud, climbs the High Ice at Ovorikheer Pass, descends back to the Outer Rim at Koumssa Gap, and enjoys relative safety as it passes through Hasanaliat before climbing the Rimethirst Mountains.[6] From there it branches, crossing the Stormspear Hills and ending at Kalsgard in the west[7] and running through miles of tundra toward Icestair in the east.[8]