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A pathfinder is a member of the world-spanning Pathfinder Society. Often working and traveling solo, these adventurers dedicate their lives to uncovering ancient secrets, lost artifacts, and general knowledge of the world's most exotic locations and cultures.

Pathfinder Duties

Pathfinders do not have a formalized set of rule or bylaws, but it is generally understood that the code of behavior is:

Explore: Pathfinders are expected to delve the depths of the world, rooting out secrets and untold stories both ancient and modern, as well as push the boundaries of explored lands.

Report: As the Society does not want any discoveries to become "undiscovered" again, a pathfinder must keep careful and detailed records of their exploits. These are sent in to the pathfinder's venture-captain and may be compiled into the published Pathfinder Chronicles. It is considered a great honor for a pathfinder's report to be published in the Chronicles.

Cooperate: Pathfinders are forbidden from fighting other Society members, especially within a pathfinder lodge. Pathfinders are expected to stay out of one-another's affairs, unless to offer help.

Aside from these general expectations, there are no moral obligations affixed to Pathfinder members; their motivations are their own. As such, one can find a great variety of races, backgrounds, and alignments among Society members. [1]

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