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Spiral of Bones is a five-part Pathfinder comic book series written by Crystal Frasier with art by Tom Garcia published by Dynamite Entertainment. Comprising volume 7 of the ongoing Pathfinder comics storyline, Spiral of Bones will debut in March, 2018. In addition to its Pathfinder content, each issue also contains a backup Starfinder story written by Erik Mona with art by Diego Galindo. The series takes the Pathfinder iconics to Kaer Maga and below, while Valeros finds himself arguing for his life in the bureaucratic courts of Pharasma's Boneyard after he meets an untimely demise! Spiral of Bones also introduces Imrijka, iconic half-orc inquisitor, to the world of Pathfinder comics. read more

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Did you know?


    • … that Imrijka (pictured) was raised in an Ustalavic orphanage?
    • … that Kaer Maga is a patchwork city built inside an ancient hexagonal ruin even older than the Thassilonian Empire?
    • … that psychopomps exist to ensure that the River of Souls and the tenets of life and death remain pure and untampered-with?
    • … that trolls in Kaer Maga use their own entrails to perform auguries, relying on their regeneration to heal themselves?

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