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Pit of Raugsmauda

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The Pit of Raugsmauda is located on Motaku Isle in the Shackles. It was the former subterranean lair of the infamous sorcerer Raugsmauda.[1]

It was assumed that Raugsmauda was gone forever but, in 4512 AR, a group of adventurers descended into the Pit of Raugsmauda and discovered the sorcerer, now transformed into a vicious lich. The adventurers fought Raugsmauda who fled westward and eventually settled on a small uninhabited, cave-riddled volcanic isle that now has the name of Raugsmauda's Reach.[2]

The upper levels of the Pit have long been plundered over the years but much of the massive dungeons of the Pit's cavernous depths still remain unexplored, holding Raugsmauda's treasures and horrors.[1]