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Nation Steaming Sea
Region Hermea
Size Small city
Population 6,300
Ruler Mengkare and Council of Enlightenment

Source: The Inner Sea World Guide, pg(s). 181

Promise is the capital and only settlement of any significance on the island nation of Hermea, in the Steaming Sea. It stands in the island's southern corner.[1]

The city's high sandstone walls completely conceal its buildings from the sea. The city is well-designed and extremely clean, and its domes, spires, and skybridges are among the best that modern architecture has to offer. The large docks cater to sea-faring visitors.

Situated on a low hill, the capitol is one of the most impressive buildings and houses both the Council of Enlightenment and the gold dragon Mengkare himself. In keeping with the communal nature of life in Hermea, the city lacks a trade district, and there is very little commerce.[2]