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Type Monstrous humanoid
CR 7
Environment Temperate forests, hills, or mountains

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 223

Pukwudgies are hunchbacked porcupine-like monstrous humanoids covered with venomous, necromantic quills.[1][2]


Pukwudgies are slight creatures, weighing only thirty pounds while standing three-and-a-half feet tall.[1]


Pukwudgies know spells to animate corpses, turn invisible, and mask themselves from divination. They can speak Draconic and Infernal in addition to Taldane. They are stealthy, deceptive creatures knowledgeable in magic and religion and can take the form of a porcupine.[1]

Pukwudgies sometimes use their zombie creations to distract and separate wanderers from a group, and their invisibility to strike suddenly with their necromantic quills.[3]


Thanks to their necromantic quills' ability to create zombies from creatures they kill and their magical ability to raise the dead, pukwudgies often keep company with undead creatures, preferably animals. While some work alone or in pairs, some pukwudgies form cults of up to 10 members.[1]

They avoid busy routes and large humanoid settlements, but menace small villages by stealing newborn infants—a delicacy to pukwudgies—and torching buildings.[1]

On Golarion

Pukwudgies are elusive creatures but are known to inhabit forests and dark corners of the Inner Sea region, including Varisia,[4] Numeria,[3] Irrisen,[2] Nidal's Mindspin Mountains,[5] Andoran's Verduran Forest,[6] and the Hold of Belkzen.[7]

Known pukwudgies