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Quest for Sky

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Taargick, High King of the Dwarves.

The Quest for Sky is the ancient dwarven migration to the surface of Golarion from their original homes in the Darklands realm of Nar-Voth. Their god Torag had given them a prophecy: when the ground shook beneath their feet, they must press upward to the surface. They took the massive tremors caused by the fall of the Starstone in -5293 AR as this sign and began their journey towards the surface,[1] finally emerging there in -4987 AR.[2]

A slow start

The 300-year trek was fraught with danger and betrayal. Aside from creatures of the Darklands, the dwarves suffered many setbacks from internal squabbling and infighting. The dwarves fractured, and for 2 decades they fought each other as well as their Darklands foes, most notably, the orcs. They were finally united by General Taargick through a mix of diplomacy, wisdom, and violent coercion in -5133 AR.[3] Now crowned as king, he led the Ever-Advancing legion towards their goal.[citation needed]

A number of dwarves refused to leave their Darklands home, ignoring the prophesy entirely. Over time, these dwarves altered culturally and physically, eventually becoming the modern duergar.[4]

War against the orcs

Although the dwarves believed that their advance was destroying their ancient enemies, the orcs, they were mistaken. Ahead of them, the orcs were retreating from the unstoppable dwarven advance towards the surface themselves.[5] They reached the surface before the dwarves, pouring out of tunnels in -5102 AR[6] and displacing cave-dwelling Kellids into what would later be known as Numeria in -5051 AR.[7]

In -5088 AR, the recently arrived orcs of what would later be known as the Hold of Belkzen were attacked by a coalition of giants near the fortress of Deepgate. The attacks culminated at the First Battle, after which the two sides called a truce.[8]

Completion of the quest

Upon the completion of the Quest for Sky in -4987 AR, the dwarves established massive city-fortresses known as Sky Citadels in places where they had reached the surface,[9] and many of those edifices contain murals and engravings detailing the events of the Quest for Sky.[citation needed]


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