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Rakshasa maharaja

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Rakshasa Maharajah
Type Outsider
CR 18
Environment Any

Source: Escape from Old Korvosa, pg(s). 86-87

A Rakshasa Maharajah is the highest rank a rakshasa can hope to attain; they are the pinnacle of the rakshasa's strict caste system. These multi headed, earthbound fiends are capable combatants, and easily a match for all but the most ancient dragon.[citation needed]


Despite their incredible power, rakshasa maharajahs look very human normally resembling a Vudrani human, they normally appear very physically attractive. Every rakshasa has one element in their physiology that is reversed, normally their hands but sometimes their limbs will bend the wrong way or their ear will face backwards, Rakshasa maharajahs are no exception. The biggest divergence from their human appearance is their heads, each rakshasa maharajah has multiple heads. In addition to their human head they have several animal heads, each of these animal heads is an animal native to Vudra normally a big cat or snake.[1] [2][3]

Habitat & Ecology

Rakshasa maharajahs can be found where ever their are mortals to be manipulated and hedonistic experiences to be had. As a result they can be found in a huge variety of locations, the only constant with a rakshasa maharajah lair is their level of wealthy excess. As immortal creatures with millennia of experience manipulating mortals there are few riches that they cannot afford, no treasure too expensive, no artifact too rare, these lairs are typically built and furnished over centuries. Rakshasa maharajahs are rare creatures, the pinnacle of rakshasa's caste only a handful of maharajahs will rise in any century and there numbers are never great. A rakshasa can only ascend to the rank of maharajah after living several lives as samrata the highest cast in rakshasa society. The process of actual transformation remains a mystery even to most rakshasa but this process causes their power to increase and they gain additional heads.[4]