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Rakshasa maharaja

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Rakshasa maharaja
Type Outsider
(native, rakshasa, shapechanger)
CR 20
Environment Any

Source: Bestiary 3, pg(s). 226f.

A rakshasa maharaja (sometimes maharaja rakshasa,[1] rakshasa maharajah,[2] or just maharaja[1]) is the highest rank a rakshasa can hope to attain; they are the pinnacle of the rakshasa's strict caste system. These multi headed, earthbound fiends are capable combatants, and easily a match for all but the most ancient dragon.[3]


Despite their incredible power, rakshasa maharajas look very human normally resembling a Vudrani human, though they are normally very physically attractive. Every rakshasa has one element in their physiology that is reversed: normally their hands, but sometimes their limbs, will bend the wrong way; or their ears will face backwards. Rakshasa maharajas are no exception to this reversing of features. However, the biggest divergence from their human appearance is their heads: each rakshasa maharaja has multiple heads. In addition to their human head, they have several animal heads; each of these animal heads is an animal native to Vudra, normally a big cat or snake.[2][4][5] Due to these multiple heads, rakshasa maharajas have all-round vision.[1]

Habitat and ecology

Rakshasa maharajas can be found wherever their are mortals to be manipulated and hedonistic experiences to be indulged. As a result, they can be found in a huge variety of locations, the only constant with a rakshasa maharaja lair is their level of wealthy excess. Rakshasa maharajas can change shape to assume any humanoid form to better infiltrate such societies.[2] As immortal creatures with millennia of experience manipulating mortals, there are few riches that they cannot afford, no treasure too expensive, no artifact too rare; these lairs are typically built and furnished over centuries. Rakshasa maharajas are rare creatures, the pinnacle of rakshasa's caste: only a handful of maharajas will rise in any century, and their numbers are never great. A rakshasa can only ascend to the rank of maharaja after living several lives as samrata the highest cast in rakshasa society. The process of actual transformation remains a mystery even to most rakshasas, but this process causes their power to increase and they gain additional heads.[3]

Rakshasa rajadhirajas

As a maharaja continues to grow in might over many lifetimes, its powers outstrip those of its peers, potentially resulting in its ascent to the rank of rajadhiraja: a king of kings.[6]