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Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast

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Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast
Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast
Author(s) James Jacobs
Publisher Paizo Inc.
Price Print: $26.99
Expected October 2018
Type Sourcebook
Binding Softcover
Pages 96 pages
isbn ISBN 978-1-64078-080-4
Rules set PFRPG
Series Pathfinder Campaign Setting
Follows War for the Crown Map Folio
Precedes Construct Builder's Guidebook
Artwork from Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast

Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast, a Pathfinder Campaign Setting sourcebook by James Jacobs, is expected to be released in October 2018.

This book has been announced but has not yet been released.
Product details such as release date, authors, cover art, and contents are subject to change.
The town of Sandpoint has been through a lot, between goblin raids and dragon attacks and crazed killers stalking the night. In Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Sandpoint, Light of the Lost Coast, the fan-favorite town is presented in great detail, with full stat blocks for the region's important NPCs, dozens of quests, and expanded information on every major location in the town and the hinterlands beyond, as well as a double-sided pull-out poster map of Sandpoint and the surrounding region, which has featured prominently in Pathfinder Adventure Paths like the Rise of the Runelords and the Pathfinder RPG Beginner Box since the birth of Pathfinder in 2007. This oversized 96-page campaign setting book is a guide to creating your very own campaign in Pathfinder's most popular town!