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Silver Mount

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The jagged metallic peak that is the Silver Mount is the largest of the fallen starships that crashed in Numeria during the legendary Rain of Stars thousands of years ago. The edifice is honeycombed with chambers and is heavily guarded by servants of the Technic League.[1] This scarred monolith looms over the capital city of Starfall[2] and the strange knowledge and technology found therein is the source of much of the Black Sovereign's (and Technic League's) power.[3] Even though Silver Mount is closely guarded by the Technic League and the soldiers of the Black Sovereign, certain brave scholars and adventurers continue to try and enter the structure in the hopes of discovering untold wealth or technology from beyond this world.[4]

Studying Silver Mount

An early survey of the chambers and artifacts found inside Silver Mount is recorded in the book A Thread of Silver. Despite great effort on the part of the Technic League, copies of the book have made their way out of the country, and are prized for their insight into Numerian technology (especially robots). The League has been known to hire assassins to kill any owners of the book, for fear that they might reveal closely guarded secrets.[5]

The Machine Mage

The best known explorer of the mysteries of Silver Mount was the wizard Karamoss, who lived in the fallen starship for three decades in the early 37th century AR. He was particularly interested in robotics and clockwork mechanisms and took what he learned to build the clockwork siege fortress called the Red Redoubt. He then unsuccessfully laid siege to the city of Absalom in 3637 AR.[6]


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