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A race of skinwalkers known as the coldborn.
Type Humanoid
(shapechanger, skinwalker)
CR By character class
Environment Any land
Images of skinwalkers

Source: Blood of the Moon, pg(s). 6-7

Skinwalkers are a humanoid race descended from lycanthropes who generally appear human (or another race if of a different parentage), but who can also transform and take on bestial physical attributes depending on their lycanthropic heritages.[1]


Skinwalkers vary depending on which species of lycanthrope they are descended from, and can be classified into a number of different heritages.[1]


Bloodmarked (also known as werebat-kin) are descended from the sinister werebat race. Although not as vicious as their bestial forebears, the bloodmarked are known for their lust for blood, love of strict rules, and following the flock mentality.[2]


A coldborn battles with Jendara Eriksson.

The descendants of the solitary werebears call themselves the coldborn or werebear-kin, and are most often known as fierce defenders of Golarion's wild places, especially in northern Avistan and Tian Xia.[3]


Weretiger-kin, or fanglords as they sometimes call themselves, are most commonly encountered in distant Vudra, Tian Xia, Jalmeray, and the Mwangi Expanse. Convinced of their own greatness, these skinwalkers are known for their unpredictable behavior and fickle attitudes.[4]


Nightskulks can trace their lineages back to wererats, and most often rely on stealth or subterfuge to make their way in the world.[5]


The ragebred or wereboar-kin have all of their ancestors' fierce temperament, stubbornness, and fiery emotions.[6]


Scalehearts, the distant progeny of werecrocodiles, are most commonly found in the Shackles, Osirion, and Thuvia. They most often display a steely calm, but are also known for their patience and ruthlessness.[7]


The descendants of the fearsome weresharks, seascarred or wereshark-kin see themselves as nobility among the other races of skinwalkers. Their methods are usually quite blunt, and they prefer simple lives of hunting and eating.[8]


Witchwolves or werewolf-kin are perhaps the most common race of skinwalkers to be found throughout the Inner Sea region and beyond. They generally live amongst themselves in small, semi-nomadic communities and make their livings as entertainers, mystics, or adventurers.[9]

On Golarion

Although skinwalkers can be found in both Avistan and Garund, particularly in areas with high lycanthropic activity such as Andoran, Cheliax, the Lands of the Linnorm Kings, and the Ironbound Archipelago, they are most common on the distant continent of Arcadia.[10]


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