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Type Animal
CR 1 or 2
Environment Any temperate or warm
Adjective Serpentine, ophidian
Images of snakes

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 255
Some take snakes as animal companions.

Snakes or serpents, are limbless reptiles found in temperate and tropical environments throughout Golarion. They come in two main varieties: poisonous snakes, known for their highly venomous bites; and the large and muscular constrictor snakes. Snakes of both kinds are common familiars among magic-users.[1][2]

Certain particularly notable varieties exist beyond the two main groupings, including sea snakes,[3] the sevencoat serpents that mimic more dangerous snake species,[4] the enormous titanoboas,[5] the two-headed amphisbaena,[6] and the highly intelligent psyche serpents.[7]

In religion

Snakes of various types are among the sacred animals of many deities, including Apep;[8] Asmodeus;[9] Lissala;[10] Ydersius;[11] the empyreal lord Picoperi;[12] the archdevil Geryon;[13] the infernal dukes Eaqueo,[14] Furcas,[15] and Titivilus;[16] the demon lords Abraxas,[17] Areshkagal, and Socothbenoth;[18][19] and the Great Old One Yig.[20]


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