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Soliennu Varshari

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Soliennu Varshari
Titles Grandmaster Conspiratorial
Alignment Neutral evil
Race/Species Human (Varisian)
Class Rogue 5 / Oracle 8 / Assassin 2
Gender Female
Homeland House of the Key, Hold of Belkzen
Organization Seal-Breakers

Source: Last Watch, pg(s). 75

Soliennu Varshari is the current Grandmaster Conspiratorial of the Seal-Breakers, and an outcast Sczarni fortune teller. She is usually absent from her office in the Seal-Breakers' headquarters, preferring to spend time away recruiting and gathering important information. In order to keep her position forever, she plans to allow her captive Olimerea Casterov to turn her into a vampire. High Grandmaster Kothas has promised Soliennu to destroy Olimerea after she becomes a vampire, but Soliennu has not yet attained sufficient blackmail material on Kothas to trust him to uphold his end of the bargain, forcing her to store her captive in solitude.[1]


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