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This article contains spoilers for the following products: Pirate's Honor
Class Brigantine
Keel 95 feet
Propulsion 8,000 sq. ft. of sails
Armament 12 ballistae
Status Active pirate vessel
Captain(s) Torius Vin
Crew Celeste, Grogul, Snick, Thillion

Source: Pirate's Honor
For other meanings of "Stargazer", please see Stargazer (disambiguation).

Stargazer is a pirate vessel captained by Torius Vin, typically found in and around the Inner Sea, with a home port of Katapesh.[1][2] A brigantine, the ship is "95 feet at the waterline, with a clipper bow, following stern, thrice foreyards and a clean coppered bottom. She'll hoist eight thousand square feet of sail, not including spritsail."[3] The ship is outfitted with 12 ballistae, which are kept below deck and maintained by the ship's gnome engineer, Snick.[4]


The recent crew of Stargazer include:[5]


Crew with known roles

Other crew

Crew killed in the engagement with the Osirian Navy


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