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Stavian's Hold
Nation Taldor
Population 4,311

Stavian's Hold is comprised of a frontier town and keep built on the Whistling Plains, located on Taldor's eastern border. The establishment of the settlement was motivated by Grand Prince Stavian III, who saw the project as a means to strengthen the power of the crown when he came to power.[1]


Stavian's Hold possesses a commanding view of the Whistling Plains, but is geographically isolated from the rest of Taldor; contact with the capital city of Oppara is maintained via a road leading to the River Porthmos.[1]



Stavian's Hold stands as a defensive bastion on Taldor's easternmost border, watching for possible invasion from Qadira. It boasts extensive earthen defenses, and is home to several legions of Taldan Phalanx.[1]


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