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Traits Animal
Level 7

Source: Pathfinder Bestiary, pg(s). 98

Type Animal
CR 7
Environment Warm plains

Source: Bestiary, pg(s). 85

The stegosaurus is a huge dinosaur, easily identified by the twin rows of sharp plates that run along its back.[1]


Stegosauruses are quadrupedal animals with two rows of diamond-shaped plates running down their backs, short necks, and long tails tipped with four sharp spikes. Adult specimens reach thirty feet in length and twelve in height, measured to the tip of the highest dorsal plate, and between two and three tons in weight.[1]

Ecology and behavior

Stegosauruses are herbivores, and typically inhabit grasslands rich in food. When attacked, they interpose their dorsal plates between their bodies and attackers, attempt to trample smaller foes, and use their spiked tails against larger targets.[1]

Stegosauruses are more even-tempered than similarly-sized herbivorous animals such as the ankylosaurus, and are sometimes tamed and trained as pets or guard animals.[1]


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