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Sveinn Blood-Eagle

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Sveinn Blood-Eagle
Titles King of Kalsgard, Linnorm King
Alignment Chaotic neutral
Race/Species Human (Ulfen)
Class Barbarian 18
Gender Male
Homeland Kalsgard, Lands of the Linnorm Kings
Born 4632 AR (age 88)

Source: Lands of the Linnorm Kings, pg(s). 30

Sveinn Blood-Eagle is the former ruler of the Thanelands, the largest Linnorm Kingdom, from his capital city Kalsgard. Before his departure to Valenhall, he was the most respected, the most powerful, and the oldest Linnorm King in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.[1]


Over the years, Sveinn has sired over a score of children but has not found a successor wise and mighty enough to be a worthy heir to him.[1]


During his reign, Sveinn has increased trade with both the southern nations and Tian Xia via the Path of Aganhei, and expanded his realm toward key locations, most notably the dwarven mines at Kopparberget, which he wrested from the control of Opir Eightfingers. He once planned to strike at Irrisen and reclaim the lands that Baba Yaga stole from his people long ago, but cancelled this plan in 4719 AR to travel to Valenhall and live out his last days. Immediately after he announced his departure, tensions flared in Kalsgard as his children Uldren Orcsbane, Birgun Whale-Eater and Yngvilda rallied their supporters and made a bid to succeed their father.[1][2][3][4]


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