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Titles The Diamond Sage
Race/Species Dragon
Gender Female
Organization Scarab Sages,
Jeweled Sages

Source: Guide to Pathfinder Society Organized Play, pg(s). 16

Tahonikepsu is a member of the elite Jeweled Sages. A reclusive dragon who takes the form of a human woman, she employs the Sapphire Sage, Amenopheus, and the Pathfinder Society to seek the sage stones of lore.

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Tahonikepsu appears to most as a human woman with a shaved head and deep violet eyes.[1]


In 4713 AR, Amenopheus discovered rumors about the Diamond Sage and learned the secret history of the Jeweled Sages, as well as how he gained his power and wisdom. With the assistance of Osirion faction Pathfinders, Amenopheus reunited with Tahonikepsu, and the two sages have re-established the order of Scarab Sages independent of the Osirian state.[2]


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