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The Tatterman
Alignment Chaotic evil
Race/Species Unique nightmare doppelganger
Class Sorcerer 3
Gender Male
Homeland Dimension of Dreams
Deity Hastur

Source: In Search of Sanity, pg(s). 56-57

The entity known as the Tatterman is an ancient servant of the Great Old One Hastur, whom it has served in the Dimension of Dreams and on Golarion alike for many centuries, and a murderous predator who infiltrates sleeping minds to hunt and kill dreaming mortals. He first entered Golarion's history in the days of ancient Sarkoris, when he was one of the many beings worshipped by the polytheistic Kellids and served as an intermediary figure for the cult of his master. He eventually fell out of the religious mainstream, due to both shifting influences and popularities of the Kellids' various faiths and the annihilation of Sarkoris by the opening of the Worldwound, but he was eventually discovered by a Kellid witch named Ariadnah, who summoned and bound him as a servant for her own evil schemes.

The Tatterman returned to relative inactivity after Ariadnah's disappearance, but his attention remained on the location of his last summoning – the Ustalavic island of Briarstone – haunting the nightmares of those living there and most recently finding a useful receptacle in the mind of Ulver Zandalus, a former scholar driven mad by exposure to the alienness of the Dreamlands and whose tortured mind proved a fitting means for the Tatterman to once again enter the Material Plane.[1]

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