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Tekritanin League

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The Tekritanin League (pronounced tek-rih-TAN-in)[1] was an early human civilization which flourished in northern Garund during the early part of the Age of Destiny. It covered the area now claimed by Thuvia[2], and was formed in -3250 AR[3] when a number of nomadic bands united to counter the growing power of the Jistka Imperium to the west and Osirion to the east. Unlike its rivals, the government of the Tekritanin League was largely decentralized, being composed a numerous, semi-autonomous city-states. Although it outlived the Jistka, the armies of the League were eventually defeated by the forces of the Four Pharaohs of Ascension in -1452 AR.[4] The League was disbanded, and a number of the easterly city-states were absorbed into the Osirion, while the rest were razed by the victors.[5]

The nomads of the Tekritanin League originally spoke many different languages, which eventually coalesced into a creole named Tekritanin. The linguistic influence of this language is still felt in the speech of numerous regional languages.[6]