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{| align="center" class="tantable collapsible collapsed" style="margin:0 auto; font-size: smaller; text-align: center; width: 100%"
{{Navbox with collapsible groups
| bodyclass = hlist
! style="background: Tan; height: 8pt" | <span style="float:left;" class="plainlinks"> [[Template:Avistan|v]] - [{{fullurl:Template:Avistan|action=edit}} e] - [[Template Talk:Avistan|d]]</span><span>'''''Nations of [[Avistan]]'''''</span>
| name      = Avistan navbox
| state    = autocollapse
| title    = Nations of [[Avistan]]
'''[[Absalom]]''' &bull;
| selected  = {{{1|}}}
'''[[Andoran]]''' &bull;
'''[[Hold of Belkzen|Hold&nbsp;of&nbsp;Belkzen]]''' &bull;
| list1  = {{Avistan nations list}}
'''[[Brevoy]]''' &bull;
'''[[Cheliax]]''' &bull;
| group2 = Historical nations
'''[[Druma]]''' &bull;
| abbr2  = historical
'''[[Five Kings Mountains]]''' &bull;
| list2  = {{Avistan historical nations list}}
'''[[Galt]]''' &bull;
'''[[Hermea]]''' &bull;
'''[[Irrisen]]''' &bull;
'''[[Isger]]''' &bull;
'''[[Kyonin]]''' &bull;
'''[[Lastwall]]''' &bull;
'''[[Lands of the Linnorm Kings|Lands&nbsp;of&nbsp;the&nbsp;Linnorm&nbsp;Kings]]''' &bull;
'''[[Realm of the Mammoth Lords|Realm&nbsp;of&nbsp;the&nbsp;Mammoth&nbsp;Lords]]''' &bull;
'''[[Mendev]]''' &bull;
'''[[Molthune]]''' &bull;
'''[[Nidal]]''' &bull;
'''[[Nirmathas]]''' &bull;
'''[[Numeria]]''' &bull;
'''[[Qadira]]''' &bull;
'''[[Razmiran]]''' &bull;
'''[[River Kingdoms|The&nbsp;River&nbsp;Kingdoms]]''' &bull;
'''[[Taldor]]''' &bull;
'''[[Ustalav]]''' &bull;
'''[[Varisia]]''' &bull;
[[Category:Content templates|Avistan]]
[[Category:Old format navboxes]]

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Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)
See Help:Navboxes for more information about using navboxes in articles.

{{Avistan navbox}} should contain all current and historical nations on the continent of Avistan.

Expansion targets

  • {{Avistan navbox|historical}} → Historical nations

List sources

See also: Category:Historical nations and Category:Nations of Avistan